Sunday, March 23, 2014

Building A Business By Solving People's Problem

It is well known that a business transaction happens between willing buyer-willing seller, and almost all the time, the product or solution tends to either give people pleasure or solve people's problem.

While it is a good direction to think how we want to solve people's problem, finding the problem to be solved in not an easy task though. You may have to run through many webpages, facebook postings or talking to many people to get their input. Often, we like to be the hero in solving people's idea by starting to think from other people's perspective. However, a rather reasonable way to start this activity is from ourselves because we don't realize that we can start from within.

I recently read an article by Paul Maplesden in on "How solving people's problems builds awesome business ideas". This is an interesting way to start creating a business on our own, by looking into our activities, and consciously capturing the problems and finding the solution. Here are some steps given, and this would be one of my guiding ways to finding the next problem solving products.

Step 1 – Develop the right frame of mind to record your activities
> Starting from the right place
   >> Examine the activities you carry out, services and products that you use and the little things that can cause annoyance. The reason is to find the idea to these annoyance.

> Being aware of your thought processes
   >> Actively observing your daily routines, tasks, chores and other interactions and can identify the areas that might cause problems. Note down the areas of frustration.

> Having a calm and relaxed emotional state

> Reviewing this whole guide for ideas and techniques

Step 2 – Prepare to track what you do through the day and week
> Pick a time to start tracking your activities

> Ensure that you can track activities for a reasonable length of time
   >> Give yourself enough time to note down plenty of issues for review later

> Have a way to capture your thoughts in a coherent, structured way

> Remember this doesn’t just need to be ‘business’ interactions

Step 3 – Notice and note down potential difficulties and problems
> Have your forms / notepad ready

> Go through your normal daily routines

> Pay careful attention to the things that annoy or frustrate you and capture them

   >> Observe the things that irritate you or that you think could be done better. When you come across a problem, note it down.

  • Your activity – What were you trying to do?
  • The problem – What was it that stopped you or made things more difficult?
  • Notes – Any useful notes; website URL, where you were, other information
  • Reference – There’s also a reference number for each item so that you can easily identify it

> Continue for the time that you’ve given yourself to use the tool

Step 4 – Review what you've captured for potential business ideas

> Go through each problem area in detail
  • Is this a problem that other people might face?
  • Is this a problem that I can think of a solution to?
  • Do I have the ability or know other people that have the ability to create a solution?
  • Do I think that the solution is something other people would pay to use?
> Write down potential ideas for a solution
   >> If you can answer ‘Yes’ to all or most of the questions, you have a candidate for developing into a full business idea.

Step 5 – Create a Shortlist of Ideas


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