Monday, June 06, 2011


What an encouraging and motivating piece of news for a jaded person like me. This should be the pushing factor to rethink and re-strategize. At the moment, I should discard fear, and dream of tasting the grass outside the compound.

This should also be the relief to the grief that was voiced out in the previous post.

New slogan to tag onto the heart: "I Am Not An Important Person, But What I Do Is Important". Ganbatte kudasai!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Difficult Times

It has been a difficult one year for me, work wise. Felt like I've lost and continue losing lots of things in life. Gone are the days when jogging, exercising, blogging, joining contest, researching and writing articles, and traveling are part of my life. It is now limited to work stuff. Still figuring out how to stay away or leave this threadmill. Would rather suffer similar difficulties but on my own treadmill. At least if there is bonus after each run, it belongs to me wholly.