Monday, July 22, 2019

How To Use The Internet To Add More Streams of Income

Have you ever been so excited about something, you just start buzzing and you have to tell someone about it? That’s what's happening to me as I’m learning about how to add more streams of income from Tai Lopez’s Cashfloww program.

He’s been teaching me all about:

- How to start a business (without employees startup costs)
- How to build a brand on social media you can earn income from
- Why certain companies would rather pay “everyday people” (like you and me) to promote their products and services.

Basically, all of the useful things to know about making money.

I didn’t realize how much potential there is right now on the internet. I was also shocked to know about how easy it is to get started. It used to be so time consuming and expensive to start your own business.

But with the Cashfloww program, that’s all changed.

Trust me, you’re going to want to check it out too.

Go here to see for yourself how it works.

Disclaimer: Compensation is being provided by Cash Flow Partner Systems LLC. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Cash Flow Partner Systems LLC or its affiliates.

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Tai Lopez Explains Why Social Media Marketing Agency Route

Here is a good video that shows Tai Lopez trying to answer questions by people who have in doubt about beginning a business doing Social Media Marketing Agency.

This is a good quote from him: "You’re not going to get ahead if you’re making excuses".

He explains how his SMMA 2.0 program can bring you forward, and he crushes the doubt others have in his program.
  • Why should I invest in this program when I’ve seen a social media program online for $19? (1:32)
  • Can I go through your course at my own speed? (7:52)
  • Is Tai teaching the program and does the content get released all at once or in stages? (8:37)
  • Are there hidden charges or is it a one-time fee? (10:12)
  • My response to people who call my stuff a scam (14:10)
  • How can I trust your testimonials? (23:43)
  • A guaranteed way to grow from 0 to 6 figures (26:19)
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Paying Small Money For Big Money

I learn this important concept of seeing money differently from Tai Lopez. If you invest in your personal development, see it in terms of return of investment (ROI) rather than how much money is put in to learn the new skills.

While acknowledging that making money online is not a get rich quick scheme, one of the challenges of making money online is not knowing the steps to take. 

You may have the good intention of wanting to make it big personally, but they didn’t actually tell you what you’ll do — until you’ve paid and joined.

Tai Lopez has recently launched an affiliate partnership program for his followers, and it is known as the Cashflow System. The procedures and payment mechanism are explained in a transparent manner by him in a series of videos.

Who is Tai Lopez, by the way? He is actually one of the pioneer of using social media as a marketing tool for business back in 2016, and he made popular the term SMMA, known as Social Media Marketing Agency. Over 40,000 people has been trained successfully by him.

Learn more about this new way of earning money, both active and passive using Tai Lopez's Cashflow System. Make An Extra $2,500 to $25,000 Per Month Partnering With Him. 

If you have a good product or service, be generous. Let's share them with those who needs it. In return, you are rewarded with a commission for your generosity. Win-win for all!

Tai Lopez's 67 Steps Summary book is also a good read. This book will complement with his multiple videos on the same topic.

Monday, July 01, 2019

Light In Handbag

It is usual that ladies search frantically inside their handbag when they are in hurry. Now there is a device that can solve this issue, eliminating embarassment or sweating moment.

SOI LED light, manufactured by a German company is your saviour. It is bright enough to light up the inside of your bag, but shine long enough for you to find your stuff.

(courtesy: New York Magazine)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Building A Business By Solving People's Problem

It is well known that a business transaction happens between willing buyer-willing seller, and almost all the time, the product or solution tends to either give people pleasure or solve people's problem.

While it is a good direction to think how we want to solve people's problem, finding the problem to be solved in not an easy task though. You may have to run through many webpages, facebook postings or talking to many people to get their input. Often, we like to be the hero in solving people's idea by starting to think from other people's perspective. However, a rather reasonable way to start this activity is from ourselves because we don't realize that we can start from within.

I recently read an article by Paul Maplesden in on "How solving people's problems builds awesome business ideas". This is an interesting way to start creating a business on our own, by looking into our activities, and consciously capturing the problems and finding the solution. Here are some steps given, and this would be one of my guiding ways to finding the next problem solving products.

Step 1 – Develop the right frame of mind to record your activities
> Starting from the right place
   >> Examine the activities you carry out, services and products that you use and the little things that can cause annoyance. The reason is to find the idea to these annoyance.

> Being aware of your thought processes
   >> Actively observing your daily routines, tasks, chores and other interactions and can identify the areas that might cause problems. Note down the areas of frustration.

> Having a calm and relaxed emotional state

> Reviewing this whole guide for ideas and techniques

Step 2 – Prepare to track what you do through the day and week
> Pick a time to start tracking your activities

> Ensure that you can track activities for a reasonable length of time
   >> Give yourself enough time to note down plenty of issues for review later

> Have a way to capture your thoughts in a coherent, structured way

> Remember this doesn’t just need to be ‘business’ interactions

Step 3 – Notice and note down potential difficulties and problems
> Have your forms / notepad ready

> Go through your normal daily routines

> Pay careful attention to the things that annoy or frustrate you and capture them

   >> Observe the things that irritate you or that you think could be done better. When you come across a problem, note it down.

  • Your activity – What were you trying to do?
  • The problem – What was it that stopped you or made things more difficult?
  • Notes – Any useful notes; website URL, where you were, other information
  • Reference – There’s also a reference number for each item so that you can easily identify it

> Continue for the time that you’ve given yourself to use the tool

Step 4 – Review what you've captured for potential business ideas

> Go through each problem area in detail
  • Is this a problem that other people might face?
  • Is this a problem that I can think of a solution to?
  • Do I have the ability or know other people that have the ability to create a solution?
  • Do I think that the solution is something other people would pay to use?
> Write down potential ideas for a solution
   >> If you can answer ‘Yes’ to all or most of the questions, you have a candidate for developing into a full business idea.

Step 5 – Create a Shortlist of Ideas

1Joke: Our Politicians Talk This Way

Being a politician in Malaysia seems to be a relatively easy job. Most of the time, they seldom need to perform duties like a general manager or CEO in a private company does. They have people under them doing all sorts of work, and they just come out to show face and talk "no any sense" things.

I am wondering if these comments were thought and drafted by PM's hired consultants. To the outsiders, these are funny. But to our people, this is pitiful. There are still politicians, especially in the government circle who addressed to people in such a manner. Even more pathetic is that our PM was among the people in the group. How can we be a progressive nation when we have ministers who cannot give intelligent answers, or treat the citizen as non-intellectual.

There will surely be a day when one of these clowns will say "Kalau tak suka kerajaan, pergi undi pembangkang".

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Praising Spain Again

Spain is one of my favorite country, ever since my first visit there in 2002. What started as a simple plan to visit Madrid, Cordoba, Granada and Barcelona, turned up to be an eye-opening experience when I discovered that the smaller towns from these main cities are packed with wonderful offering. Spain has one of the most sites listed in the Unesco World Heritage List.

> Segovia: Famous for 2nd BC aqueduct. Unesco world heritage site 1985 (Went by bus from Madrid)
> Cuenca: Famous for Hanging houses. Unesco world heritage site 1996 (Can go by bus from Madrid)
> Figueres: Famous for Teatro-Museo Dali (Can go by train from Barcelona)
> Bilbao: Famous for Guggenheim Museum


Besides, a visit to 2 free museums (on certain day in a month), Museo del Prado and El Museo de arte Thyssen-Bornemisza introduced me to the beauty of Spanish paintings. Here are some painters and one of their most famous paintings that I can still remember. Included are the links for your further reading.

> Pablo Picasso: Guernica
> Diego Velazquez: Las Meninas
> Francisco Goya: The Third of May 1808
> Salvador Dali: The Persistence of Memory


Not to forget that Spain has one of the most famous architect, Antoni Gaudi. I have promised myself to make my 3rd visit to Spain, particularly Barcelona in 2027. The Basilica de la Sagrada Família will be completed by then with 18 towers: 12 dedicated to the apostles, 4 to the evangelists, one to Jesus and another to Mary.


*p/s: Amended title from Talking About Spain Again to Praising Spain Again (20 Mar 2014)

Handling Winning Ideas

Having winning ideas are important to any entrepreneur. Without winning ideas, you may think you have the next big thing, but in fact, it may turn out to be not. Stephen Key rightly put it as ideas that are profitable, quick to license, and inexpensive to venture.

The recipe for a successful product birth should have the following traits.

1. A substantial market.
> This points to recouping of our investments for the product from birth to launch. A good indicator of a substantial market is the existence of other products that aim to solve the same problem.

2. Existing manufacturing technology.

> It is logical that product made using existing technology will have the advantage of cost, speed and time.

3. An acceptable retail price point.  
> The general rule of thumb is that products retail for five times the cost of manufacturing.

4. A benefit that's summarized in a single sentence. 
> One sentence tagline on its benefit is essential to capture customer's attention. What motivates purchase is the benefits customer will get, not the features. 

5. A user-friendly interface.
> Easy-to-use and user-friendly products are more easily accepted. Product with complicated operation steps will deter users from picking it up again.

Protecting winning ideas from competitors or contract workers are equally important in the early stage of the idea incubation. We may not consciously know that we have revealed our brilliant idea over a harmless lunch chat or after some beer. Often, there is a need to sign some binding documents as a way to avoid the element of sabotage or undercutting in business.
Non-disclosure agreement (NDA): usually between product owner and suppliers.
Non-compete agreement: usually between product owner and contract or own workers.
Work-for-hire agreement: usually between product owner and contract workers.