Monday, November 30, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

Nuffnang just launched another premiere screening, and it is none other than one of the world's renown character of all time, Sherlock Holmes. The two main actors are Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, potraying Sherlock Holmes and his formidable ally, Watson respectively.

The movie will be shown on cinema on Christmas eve (24 December), but Nuffnang and Warner Bros are great to make the premiere two days earlier on 22 December at 1 Utama. Wonderful effort at a good movie location! Well, to be among the lucky 60 mystery seekers to catch the movie early, we have to be Sherlocks Holmes for a moment. Like the saying goes; No pain, No gain.

The first task is to look out for the Sherlock Holmes image hidden among the sea of blogs, and to capture a screen image when it was found. For those clueless chaps out there, the tips on where to find the image lie in the below 2 clues:
a) The Land of Cheeser Dot Com (mix it a little to find the answer) b) KYCakap Dot Com (a little translation might help)

Once mission accomplished, the newbie Sherlock should blog about his achievement and send an email with the title "I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making".

With faith, I think Nuffnang's email will arrive at my mailbox on the 18 December. Ganbatte kudasai!

Today's 1Joke : 30 November 2009

This is yet another funny news, and it is still on the controversial Biro Tatanegara. This time it is the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department's turn to present his case, and it was reported in Malaysiakini today.

He declared that BTN will be revamped to be in line with PM's 1Malaysia concept so that it is more inclusive. But what he said now contradicts with what his boss #2 said previously that BTN IS ALREADY IN LINE WITH THE 1MALAYSIA CONCEPT! He even defended his boss by saying he was misunderstood. It was as if he was speaking Bahasa Malaysia and we heard Bahasa Indonesia..

Now, who is saying the right thing here?? I am repeating this for the 3rd time, should we listen to the handful of people who said it should be abolished or to the one politician who says he's doing it for the good of the public?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aston Villa : Match 13 & 14 result

Villa drew the last 2 matches consecutively, both with identical 1-1 score. The away match #13 was against Burnley, played at Turf Moor. Burnley is another same jersey color team, similar to West Ham. The match was saved by a late equaliser from Emile Heskey (edited).

In yesterday's match, they drew with Spurs at Villa Park. After the hammering of Wigan with 9-1 score by Spurs, Villa took all the precautionary steps and kept them to only 1 goal. Gabby Agbonlahor was our hero, scoring on the 10th minutes, but Spurs replied 10 minutes before the end.

Villa is at P6 after last week's matches.

Today's 1Joke : 29 Nov 2009

The news on Biro Tatanegara has not died out, and now the defensive team of BN politician starts to show their taring, like what appears in today's The Star. What ever they say will not change the perception of my type of people and those who have early exposure to Malaysiakini.

No doubt, there is some truth in what they said, especially on instilling patriotism. But this is only when you believe in them. The way they did it is simple, JUST HAMMER THE OPPOSITION! They can say that the approach is the same as police zooming on to criminals, but how they did it is very unethical.

From what I understand from those articles, I don't think the hoo-haas now are due to opposition's "ran-out-of-idea or concealing-their-internal-problem" strategies. Like what I mentioned before, if there are more than a handful who says it is bad, and only those who says it is good are politicians, do you think who we will believe them?

Anyway, if they say it is that good, then show to us HOW GOOD IT IS IN INSTILLING PATRIOTISM! If you said want still to keep the secrecy, then don't ask our kids to bring their buku Sejarah home!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Putrajaya Owns The Largest Roundabout In The World

Not many people realize this when they are driving around Putrajaya, especially near the Prime Minister's office. Try to clear your mind and observe while you are driving, and you will soon realize that you are indeed driving along the potentially largest roundabout in the world. Malaysia Boleh!!

The main reason people don't take note is because they tend to think it is just a hill. The circumferential length of this roundabout is approximately 3.4km, and the road that circumvent it is Persiaran Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah. You can see it when you checked on the Google Earth, and the pictures below gives you a pseudo-helicopter view of the Putrajaya roundabout and its surrounding.

> West View

> South-West View

> North View

> South-East View

Don't be surprised at all that you can discover some things when you drive up to the peak of the roundabout. With its humogous land size, it easily houses the (1) Istana Melawati, (2) Putra Perdana Landmark and (3) Putrajaya Shangri-La Hotel with lots of green space to spare.

(1) Istana Melawati is the royal retreat for the Yang Dipertuan Agong, and it majestically and strategically sits on top of the hill overlooking the Main Boulevard.

(2) The Putra Perdana landmark, known in Bahasa Malaysia as Mercu Tanda is built to commemorate the birth of Putrajaya and it stores the time capsule that was implanted by the then Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir.

(3) Putrajaya Shangri-La Hotel is one of the "luckiest" and most strategic 5-star hotel to be built; on top of the hill and right next to the Istana.

Today's 1Joke : 26 Nov 2009

This news has been an open secret for many years, and can be considered stale or lapuk. It appeared since yesterday on Malaysian Insider, and again both in MI and The Star today. It was regarding the controversial, good-for-no one-but-them and mind-cleansing Biro Tatanegara. Our DPM came up to defend the BTN course by saying the syllabus is in line with the 1Malaysia concept.

For those who has attended the course, they know who is wrong, and who is deceiving the public. If there is more than a handful who said it is bad, and only 1 who said it is "good", and furthermore, this 1 person is a politician, do you think the general public and I will choose to believe in him?

Mr DPM, 不一定!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today's 1Joke : 25 November 2009

This is a piece of funny news appearing in The Star today. The original story was about Namewee complaining about Tenaga Nasional (TNB) failure in keeping frequent power outages in check. The subsequent story came about when his controversial rap complaint surfaced, and now the hoohaa is so great that the primary story became the "rap" coming from the Information, Communications, Cul­ture and Arts Minister.

The funny thing about the whole episode is not the rap song by Namewee, but the reaction or retaliation. How come our Minister thinks he can silence the general public and become a small hero, but he did not try to silence his controversial backbenchers and become a true hero?

Anyway, I think I should be cautious by this development. Better to check through the thesaurus and look for only sweet words to use when referring to the government related issues.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Short Explore KL On Foot, Tips Not Given in Guide Map

I used to be a travel walker, especially around KL. That was almost 5 years ago when I was still in Uni. I found that the best way to enjoy KL is to go on foot. You should only take the bus or light rail transit (LRT) to get into KL, not from a place to another within KL city centre if you plan to see what KL can offer.

If you are coming from Petaling Jaya (PJ), you can drop off at Kota Raya or Bangkok Bank stand, the epicenter of KL city. My suggestion would be to start your exploration from Central Market (Pasar Seni). CM used to be a wet market, at least 25 years ago, and in my opinion, the main attraction of this place is the souvenir. So far this place has not been very "polluted" by non-local souvenirs from China or Bali. You can also find "made-to-order" memorabilia such as potrait sketch and custom-designed T-shirt.

From Central Market, head west to the Dataran Merdeka (Merdeka Square). The walk would be approximately 10 minutes by crossing Sungai Klang at Leboh Pasar Besar. Take note of the Masjid Jamek on the right side when you are on the bridge. This is the actual and original starting place for Kuala Lumpur, and it is also the place claimed to give KL his proud name.

At the Dataran Merdeka, you will see the Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, which is one of the most photographed building in KL. You can also find the tallest flag pole in the world that proudly flies the Malaysian flag on the field at Dataran Merdeka, and the old English fountain. Walking back along Leboh Pasar Besar, turn to the Medan Pasar area and you will noticed the beautiful old colonial buildings that feature classical colonial architecture. I strongly think these building original facade should be maintained, and they will look wonderful once restored to their former glory. Over here you can find one of the standing clock tower in KL city centre.

Turn south bound, head to Petaling Street (Jalan Petaling) that is well known as KL Chinatown. Do take note that unlike in Western countries or non-Oriental countries, KL's Chinatown is not the only place you can find Chinese people, Chinese food or Chinese language. The name could be given during the British times, and the Cantonese version (Shee Chong Gai) came from the many wood factories in the area at that time. This place could potentially be a great cultural centre piece for everything Chinese with its many Chinese food places, Chinese book store, Chinese school, Chinese temple and Chinese Assembly Hall. Having a Chinese Heritage Museum, like the one in Kuching, Sarawak will be final piece to fit into KL Chinatown jigsaw puzzle.

The end of the short tour is best spent by exploring and experiencing the various Chinese local hawker food in Chinatown, such as;
> Air Mata Kuching drink, Chee Cheong Fun, Fish Porridge, and Hokkien Mee along Jalan Hang Lekir
> Asam Laksa, Curry Laksa and Yong Tau Foo behind Bangunan Pak Peng

Extreme caution: The food mentioned above are non-halal.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Missed : Mister Potato Contest

I just missed out in participating in a cash-rich contest sponsored by Mister Potato. The main reason was because I had wrongly read the calender. I thought the deadline of 21 November was next Monday, and I should have ample time to cook something from now till tomorrow night. Then disaster strikes when I realized that 21 November is today!! Apa lah...

The prizes:
> Grand Prize – RM5,000 Cash Prize
> First Runner Up – RM3,000 Cash Prize

> Second Runner Up – RM2,000 Cash

Hope Nuffnang and Mister Potato are kind enough to extend the deadline..:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today's 1Joke #2: 18 November 2009

We are seeing another mega project coming up. The news just came up in Malaysian Insider. KL is going to have another exhibition and convention center, having an area of 1 million sq ft. The area size can roughly house 700 units of 20'x70' size houses.

It is a private investment project that got the government's consent, and what we are seeing is that the owner is yet another familiar name. It is correct to ask that if this is built, how many exhibitions will they be looking at to fully utilize the place and not let it become another white elephant? The Minister of Trade said that this exhibition center will boost tourism and trade, but isn't this the same reason why they built the under utilized Putrajaya International Convention Center?

This is another classical "First World Infrastructure being handled with Third World Mentality". They just want to build, but do not know how to maintain and fully utilized its potential.

Today's 1Joke : 18 Nov 2009

What a good start to the day with such a news! But we are not surprised that Malaysia is again becoming "prominent" in this global Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2009. The funny thing is that Malaysia is one of the countries whose ranking moves with the gravity. Our government would never put their aim to try to be on par with the top countries such as NZ, Denmark and our across the bridge neighbour, Singapore. Instead, we put ourselves in the same group as lesser known countries such as Namibia, Samoa, Slovakia and Latvia that sounded very much like a World Cup qualification grouping or Pesta Bola Merdeka participating teams.

We know our Minister's response will be as such;
1) The sources are not reliable, and they will rubbish the report
2) There are certain info that are purposely omit to give us bad reflection, like in the case of UM
3) We are at least in better position than our neighbours; Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines
4) Our bad marks are contributed wholly by the Oppositions, our bloggers and independent news portal who publicize Malaysia's bad stories

Wonder which Minister is in charge of cleaning up this mess?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today's 1Joke : 17 Nov 2009

This is a very funny news taken from Malaysian Insider today. It seems like Minister Nazri is showing a pity face and plead "you can come forward and help us to prosecute that sounds-like-me-but-not-me Si Lingam. How can a Minister who can do a lot of unthinkable stuff become so helpless and claim that they don't have the bullet to hit this man?

It is like a football coach who go openly on national TV and tell "if anyone of you who think you play good football, please come and help us play the game". What a pity and sickening reason to run away from responsibility..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today's 1Joke : 14 Nov 2009

Saw this news in The Star today, and I felt surprised. Just take a look at the bottom picture first.

How can the Malaysian Cabinet allows the contractor to continue carrying out the repair job after such a big disaster? Although it is correct to say that it is still under the warranty period, by judging the magnitude of the mess, they still have the guts and think it is OK to give the contractor a second chance!!

Kalau nak tolong pun, jangan lah sampai sebegitu!! Just remember, "The First time you can blame on mistake, but Second time it is your RESPONSIBILITY and you should shoulder the blame..".

Malaysia saja Boleh!!

Won! Project Alpha Week 6 at P8

Nuffnang recently held this program called Project Alpha. It featured interviews with 7 experienced bloggers by Jojo Struys, and gliterrati bloggers were supposed to watch, understand and state their views and opinion in the form of a blog, and enter the contest that came every week for 7 weeks. The weekly prizes were good, and the amount was so much that they can afford to offer 10 prizes each week for 7 consecutive weeks.

I only caught the Project Alpha virus from week 5 onwards, and entered for 2 weeks when they featured and

They announced the winners for the final 2 weeks yesterday, and I was a winner for Week 6 at P8. Not too bad a record for 1 hit out of 2 attempts. The evidence can be seen below, and the prizes were worth RM430. The winning entry can be accessed from this link: Project Alpha Week 6 P8 Winner. Final thanks to the sponsors: Adidas, Sunway Pyramid and Nuffnang. Syukur...

Now the main challenge; How to go to collect my prize during working hours le??

Friday, November 13, 2009

Beautiful Design

I recently got engaged in a design project, and was browsing through the internet for some ideas. Then, someone introduced this company, Princeton Tec that focusses on lamp products that are suitable for either sports or industrial. I noticed that some of the product design is very contemporary and the color scheme matches to the current trend. Below are some examples, and the way they present them in their website made the products look more stand-out. The lamps are both functionally attractive and aesthetically appealing.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Milestone

Just felt great when I checked my Alexa ranking just now. I have just reached my first milestone, that is to overtake my company's website in terms of page traffic rank worldwide and in Malaysia. Though it is nothing to shout about when I look at the overall picture, it is at least satisfying to see I can aim something higher next. Maybe the coming target is to achieve higher income than my company yearly profit.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Aston Villa : Match 11 & 12 result

What a game they had yesterday! Villa finally broke a 3 match winless streak with a 5-1 knocking of Bolton at Villa Park. They got a shock in the previous match, when they lost to West Ham 2-1. Anyway, like many others, they won't wake up unless they got a shock.

The goals came early from an Ashley Young's strike at the 4th minute. Gabby Agbonlahor stabbed in the second goal before half time, and big John Carew added the third right after half time from an individual effort. The final 2 scorers were James Milner from the spot, and a back header from defender Carlos Cuellar.

Four of the five goals came from John Carew's assist, and he rightfully earned the Man-of-the-Match award.

> Goal #1: Ashley Young (4th minute)

> Goal #2: Gabby Agbonlahor (42th minute)
> Goal #5: Carlos Cuellar (74th minute)

> Goal #3: John Carew (52th minute)

> Goal #4: James Milner (71th minute)

Friday, November 06, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

It is the time of the year, where I will plan for something before the year ends. This is what we used to call azam baru in school, and this time I have my 5 top treat list already firmly in mind. I have to tattoo them strongly in mind, as I believe in "What I have in mind, I will have in front of my eyes". To further give myself a push, I have tuned my heart to believe that "If you think you can, only you can make it cannot".

(1) My Treat No. #1

The first treat in my list will be to get myself one of the most important assets in my life; a computer. I am looking forward to having a Dell Inspiron 13 laptop this year. I have been using desktop PC all this while, either at home or in office. The first thing that captures my eyes about Dell Inspiron 13 is the exterior smooth round edges and crisp clean lines features. (amended)

I think it looks elegant in Obsidian Black, sleek in Alpine White and inspiring in Cherry Red. My favourite color is the inspiring Cherry Red, liking it as much as ex-Miss Singapore Ris Low and Puah Chu Kang loving loud colours that shouts BOOMS!

The Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology is able to deliver 50% more performance that enables me to multi-task at ease, without interuption and processing down time. With its enhanced wireless supports and the Dell™ Webcam Central, there is no problem if I blog in a group at Starbucks. Non-speckies like me would love the 13.3 inches screen, large enough for me to clearly see my family on the screen during video chat. What's more, by adding an ATI Radeon™ HD 4330 graphics card, I can experience and enjoy true high-definition cinematic experience by just hooking up to my 42 inches LCD TV using the one-cord HDMI connection.

Therefore, this Dell Inspiron 13 laptop will certainly give a boost to my aspiration to become an active blogger, where I can eat, shop, move and chat with and from my laptop. I can now enter Nuffnang contest, upload into Innit and update my blog at the convenience of my fingertips.

(2) My Treat No. #2

For my second treat, I would go for what I like to do often; travelling. I would like to make a trip to Dell's home country, the United States of America. It is everyone's dream to set his foot on this "Land of Opportunities". Even before thinking of buying a plane ticket, I need to get the most difficult entry pass ever; the US Visa from the US Embassy at Jalan Tun Razak. Nevertheless, just by imagining myself getting splashed at Niagara Falls, standing proudly on top of Statue of Liberty, walking at the edge of Grand Canyon Skywalk and being a kid again at the Disneyland would push me to work harder towards my dream.

(3) My Treat No. #3

Making the long flight to the United States would best be done by treating myself to a comfy seat on the new double-decked Airbus A380. It will be a totally new experience, as we are used to the tight and uncomfortable 3-by-3 seating configuration used in our low-cost carrier. It will be proud to also know that a Malaysian company, Composite Research Technology Malaysia is part of the supply chain for Boeing A380.

The new generation Economy Class seat will make my 23 hours flight seem short and entertaining with over 1000 channels of movies, audio and TV on a 10.6" digital widescreen. Even if work interupts my leisure briefly, it would not be a problem as every seat has its own laptop power supply and USB connection, allowing working on documents, viewing of videos and pictures from my laptop or portable devices. I might consider for an upgrade to the Business Class seats to get the widest leather seat that unfolds to the largest full-flat bed for a comfortable and rejuvenating night’s rest.

I would choose the window seat and make sure I can have a good glimpse one of the building I admired most; Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

(4) My Treat No. #4

By just mentioning the name Burj Al-Arab, many people may not give you a response. But when you show them the picture, everyone will agree that this awe-inspiring building qualifies to be the world's most prestigious and only 7-star hotel.

I personally like the science and beauty of architecture. On my way back to Malaysia, I would make a transit at Dubai, and treat myself to a night at Burj Al-Arab, and be treated like a king, or at least a prince. It costs around RM7,000 for a Deluxe One Bedroom Suite with beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf. I think it is good value for money, in return for the luxury of a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, discreet in-suite check in, private reception desk on every floor and a brigade of highly trained butlers who provide around-the-clock attention. We know that elsewhere, only superstars and famous footballers can get such treatment.

(5) My Treat No. #5

I am looking for a good replacement for my old faithful Perodua Kancil that has been serving me for almost 5 years. It is rather a hard and difficult move to part with an old "friend", but I have fallen in love with Volkswagen Beetle when I first saw it on the road in Petaling Jaya almost 4 years back.

I would love to get myself the new Volkswagen Beetle, and it will be the number #5 in my treat list. I really hope our Bursa Malaysia can help to make my dream list come much sooner.

The car is actually very cool to be in, no matter if it looks more suitable for my partner. I especially like the exterior features, and you won't find another car that will want to clone its classical curves styling design. The good thing compared to its earlier generation is the quietness of its engine. My top pick is the striking Gecko Green colour.

My Treat To You

In return, I want to treat my beloved friends and blog faithful readers with this once in a lifetime offer from Dell that would allow them to make purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY model) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!! This promotion is only available online or by calling Dell. However, do act quick as this coupon code expires on 10th Nov 2009, which is 3 days from now! Remember this coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 and the toll-free number to contact 1800-88-0301.

Thank you to Dell and Nuffnang for bringing us this contest: "IT'S TIME TO TREAT YOURSELF".