Friday, December 02, 2011

This is What THEY Should Focus On

These few days there were many lies flying around especially when we see those delegates giving speeches or commenting in the media during the General Assembly. This time all of them were united in bashing only a particular party, and not that person.

Anyway, as a lay man who reads a lot of Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider, I felt that the bashing was really tasteless, and I wonder if they would be any form of reprimand or censorship. It can never happen at other times, but very appropriate when they were the ones who talk. Suddenly May 13 is more important than Aug 31 or Feb 14 or Jan 1. Then there were words that we usually talk in close circle gossips such as pondan and bapuk appearing so prominently in the media.

If their people is clever enough, they should demand them to look into such mess and not bash other people unnecessarily. All these stuff happened because of incompetence, inexperience, mismanagement and ego. You can see that there were many before and will have many more of these arising in the future. They don't think it's a disgrace, in fact they thought it's their right to make such mess.

Another thing that is glaring and always repeated by these people was running away from the original plan and went for the grand stuff, and ended up busted.