Saturday, August 29, 2009

Click on Nuffnang Ad : Ogawa

Click on the Nuffnang ad for the new Ogawa promotion that run from 15 Aug to 15 Sep 2009. There are 4 items on promo in conjunction with the Malaysian Mega Sales.

My target is the item below; Omron Digital Thermometer which was slashed down 47% from RM38 to RM20. A handy item, especially when used with small kids.

Today's 1Joke : 29 Aug 2009

Saw this news from Malaysian Insider, and found it to be very very amusing. Do not understand why he dared to explain it this way. Even a primary school student won't give those answers when they lied to their parents.

If the police feared the protesters become angered and volatile, why do we need them at all? Aren't the protesters supposed to be scared of police?

Langsung tak masuk akal..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

How To : Malaysian Do Europe : Part 6

5) Choosing the Low Cost Carrier

Travelling within Europe gets easier nowadays with so many low cost carriers (LCC). Cross checking each of them can bring some benefit in terms of cost savings. However, you can only get a brief idea how much the ticket is, but not the total amount to pay. You will noticed the deeper you searched into those online low cost website for fare, the clearer you can see the difference among them.

You can get the full/almost full list of those LCC from wikipedia ( Normally, you will start with Easyjet and Ryanair because they are the big brothers of LCC in Europe. The possibility of searching the other carriers depends on where and how is your flight plan. Since we planned for Paris, Barcelona, Venice and Rome, we also looked at Vueling Airlines and MyAir.

Summary of what I found searching through Easyjet, Vueling and Ryanair last Oct;
1) No zero fare for Easyjet, and their tax was the lowest.
2) Zero fare was easy to find for Ryanair, but after loading in the taxes and baggage fee, the final price became E78.
3) Baggage fee was at E20/pc, compared to Airasia RM5 (E1).
4) Credit card handling fee was applicable, at E7.50/transaction. Soon, this will be a normal thing for our local carriers.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aston Villa : Match 2 result

Match 2 for Villa ended with a victory at Anfield, Liverpool. They whacked the Reds by 3-1, goals from Leiva Lucas, Curties Davies and Ashley Young. They wore their White away jersey, and looked like the Tottenham team.

> The bosses; Benitez (L), Martin (R)

Their previous match was against Rapid Vienna, where they lost 1-0. The goal came in the first 16 sec into the match, and Villa could not recover for the next 90 min. They can revenge on this lost in the next match when Rapid visits Villa Park.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kampua : Puchong Bandar Puteri

Searched for Sarawak food on the internet and found someone introducing Kampua/Kamuan in Bandar Puteri. We tracked it and found them to be near the Columbia Hospital. Then, we accidentally found last weekend that they have shifted to another kopitiam, also in Bandar Puteri.

We would say that their Kampua has the closest taste to those in Sarikei. The most important is the curly dried mee, and other important accessories that made them taste like the original Sarikei Kampua are the onion leaves, fried onion, lard oil, and chilli sauce. However, the Bien Nuit Th'ng (Wantan soup) doesn't taste the same. Maybe they have modified it to suit the Klang Valley taste.

> Kampua, Soy sauce kind

> Kampua, Soy sauce-less kind

> Bien Nuit Th'ng (Wantan soup)

How it fared? 3/5 for the taste and 4/5 for the originality.

Birthday Dishes, Foochow style

Today I got the chance to taste Foochow style birthday dishes, together with 2 others who share the same birthday month as me; spouse and mom in law. Taste really yummy, and I downed a total of at least 1 litre of red-wined mixed chicken soup.

The main casts are:

> Sarikei Mee Suah

> Kampung Chicken with Chinese Mushroom

> Boiled eggs (must have for the birthday guy/girl)

> Home-made Red Rice Wine

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Usain Bolt : Usure Boleh!

Saw Usain Bolt the other day breaking the world records in 100m and 200m in the World Athletics Championships in Berlin. It seemed like watching a horse being chased by 7 cats. Some one did the analysis of his performance and reported the below figures. For those who understand athletics, you will know that this chap is really superb and he can improve those figures further.

His report card:
100m: 9.58 sec
> Speed: 12.35 m/s = 28 mph = 45km/h (running from PJ to Puchong and back in 1 hr)
> Completed in 40.92 steps

200m: 19.19 sec
> Completed first 100m (bend) in 9.92 sec
> Completed 2nd 100m (straight) in 9.27 sec. This was faster than his 100m world record.

> His confident smile before the start of 100m & 200m

> He actually crossed the finish line at 9.3 sec (unofficial electronic time) for 100m, and at 18.9 sec for 200m

> His Testimonial

> His trademark victory celebration

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aston Villa : Match 1 result

Aston Villa got thrashed by Wigan at their home ground, Villa Park. This was a bad start for the 2009/2010 season. Last year, they ended at 5th place.

Hopefully, they learnt their lesson and improve from this match onwards. Next match to look forward to: against Rapid Vienna in Vienna.

Happy New Year to us!

Just a note back to myself and spouse.

"Sen thei gin hong"
"Si si soun lei"
"Pou pou gou sing"
"Cot yap ping on"

Wish that health and wealth come together for us, family, relatives dan mereka yang berada di kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Food : Searching for Dien Bien Wu (田扁餬) in PJ & KL

We hope to find this simple but delicious noodle soup, native food of Foochow people in Sarikei, in PJ and KL.

The noodle is unlike the long and round type we normally have. It is made from flour and water, poured onto the side of the wok to create thin flakes (looks like mixture of hand-torn pan mee and thosai). The flakes are then push into the broth at the bottom of the wok. The ingredients in the soup are fish ball, pork ball, monkey ear fungus, and vegetable. You will find the process of cooking it very simple, but the taste is just so good.

We used to patronize a stall in PJ Sec 17 selling Dien Bien Wu back in 2006, but they had shifted out after half a year. Do let me know if you know where to find this in the Klang Valley. The cook/taukeh has to be a Sarawak Foochow to replicate the taste.