Monday, March 17, 2014

Good Pointers For Entrepreneur: Part 1

Here is a collection of some good pointers I took from my read-ups in

"I had to think of things from the customers’ perspective. One expectation from a service like ours was for customers to have xxxx: from Jay Barnett, founder, Priority Pickup, a marketplace for private chauffeur rentals
> What I learn: Think why a customer needs my product.


Spalding encourages business owners to acknowledge that they will be deferring income for an indefinite period of time and to incorporate rent, food, health insurance and utilities into their business’s financial plans.: from Steve Spalding of Project MONA, A platform for multi-disciplinary thinkers.
> What I learn: Include current expenses and lost income in financial plan

When you're in the latter position (nothing is going the way he or she wants) and the outlook seems dire, it's tempting to become overwhelmed with worry about the future. One way to move forward is to focus deeply on what's happening right now and work your butt off to achieve a small success -- and thereby gain some momentum.: from Charu Chandra of
> What I learn: Take small but definite steps to move closer to tackling and finishing off a big problem

More to come.. Cheers!

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