Thursday, May 21, 2009

Barcelona : Day 7 : Part 2

Barcelona was the host for the 25th Summer Olympics in 1992. Though the main Olympic stadium, that held the opening and closing ceremony is located in the city centre, it wasn't the main stadium for Barcelona FC. Instead, it is the home place for Espanyol FC, another famous La Liga team. The stadium is located at Montjuic area, which is at a hill behind Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC). To get to the stadium, we took the metro and got out at Espanya station.

Above the Espanya station, it was a busy roundabout. Unlike in Puduraya KL, many cars didn't lead to traffic jam in Spain. Same as in 2002, when we reached the place, they were having some kind of exhibition and fair. MNAC looks very much like our PM office in Putrajaya by first impression.

When we reached MNAC, we found something amusing. There were 2 couples from China taking their wedding photo against the backdrop of Barcelona city. This could be the new trend in China, and though we also have such packages in Malaysia, at most it will be going to Bali or Vietnam.

Upon reaching the stadium, we saw no visitors. There were only workers in it preparing for some sort of concert. Our mission was to stand at the spot where the great archer shot the fire arrow that lighted the Olympics fire cauldron. Check this out in Youtube under "Barcelona Olympic Flame" title. Too bad, we can't get to stand in the middle of the field.