Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Potential Next Course Of Action: Go For An MBA

Usually, this is the time of the year where I will review again my yearly aspiration. Since the economy is not at its best this year, more so from the 1st quarter onwards, it is good that I put aside my work stuff for awhile and pause to think again if I should go for different path in my life.

One possible route would be to go for an MBA course. This is necessary if I want to move up the corporate ladder quickly and more confidently. Going to the United States for my education would be a good choice since there are many established and respected institution of higher learning offering MBAs. However, getting into these institution is by no means easy, and it is necessary for me to prepare myself well with the right kind of training and consultation before I dive head on into this.

Getting the correct GMAT prep course is important because of the heavy investment of my own time and money into doing the MBA. There are just to many choices out there, but I think identifying the GMAT provider that is rated highly by international and local students are important as well. I was checking out the Veritas Prep that was introduced by my ex-colleague, and they happened to be one of the top GMAT provider, scoring high marks in the courses offered. Other than GMAT, they are also offering SAT test and providing consultation for would-be successful student in their pursue in the MBA, Law or Medical courses.

I have always thought that the GMAT tutors forms one of the most important element in making the education a success. They need to know what they are teaching, have the high passion in helping the students and they themselves are also high scorer in the GMAT test. This way, the students will be more confident that they are paying for a value for money course.

Hopefully, I can be one of those students who can proudly claim "I have improved and ready for MBA!" after undergoing the GMAT prep course.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Interesting Malaysian Fruits And Their Twins

In Malaysia, you can find many local tropical fruits such as durian, mangosteen, jackfruit, rambutan, dragon fruit, and etc.. We also import a lot of cold temperate fruits such as apple, orange, grape, kiwi, and etc.. Some of these local fruits are quite interesting in the sense that they have twins of their own. You may be mistaken by their look or taste.

1) Identical twin with slight difference in character: Duku and Langsat
> They came from the same family of Meliaceae. It is not easy to distinguish them, especially when they are put together, and I'm one of those who can't. They have yellowish skin, and taste sweet and sometimes sour-bitter. Duku has thicker skin than langsat, and langsat tend to have more blackish skin in a short period of time.

2) Identical twin with difference in character: Nangka and Cempedak
> They came from the same family of Moraceae. They are interesting in the sense that it is not easy to identify them to the untrained eyes without opening and seeing its flesh. The main difference between them is the texture of its flesh, where cempedak is fibrous, its not easy to be chewed and normally ended up swallowed, while nangka's flesh can be peeled off and bitten easily. Both of them taste the same, but cempedak is much sweeter and creamier. Nangka is sometimes tasteless and has low level of sweetness. Young nangka can be cooked in curry, while cempedak flesh is dipped in flour and fried as a whole. Even the seed is eaten after frying.

3) Near identical twin with same character: Rambutan and Pulasan
>  They came from the same family Sapindaceae. The skin is reddish, with rambutan having hair while pulasan has short and blunt spikes. The flesh is white and wrapped around a seed. The flesh have the same look and taste, but pulasan is sweeter and easier to peeled off from the seed. Sometimes, you can only eat part of the flesh of the rambutan because the flesh tends to cling on to the seed. Usually, it is the rambutan flesh that is canned and sold in tin form.

Men's Badminton: Have They Tried Their Best Or Wrong Strategy?

Our badminton men doubles played and lost their last group match yesterday, losing to the Korean pair and ended up in the runners-up position in Group D. Though on paper, it was a pat on the back and they cruised into the quarter-finals, when you looked properly into the whole games table, you can see that it's a strategy that have caught themselves.

If they have beaten the Koreans yesterday, they will be in the lower half of the table and only meeting with the China pair of Cai Yun and Fu Hai Feng, who is the world number one currently in the finals. Now, they will be meeting the Thailand pair in the quarters, and definitely meeting a Chinese pair in the semis. If they have been careful, their path will be easier with opponents from Indonesia, Denmark and Taiwan.

We just do not hope to hear later that they give the reason of losing to a better team and take this excuse lightly. I think the coach should take up the responsibility also in making the incorrect strategy, and not claim later that they should not have lost, knowing very early the existence of this table.