Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Pixajoy : Photobook To Recapture The Beautiful Memories

Do you have the habit of printing the pictures that you took? Ever wonder what will happen if the camera memory card got corrupted, or laptop got infected beyond repair or PC experienced power surge and goes kaput?

Many years back when the digital camera wasn't born yet, we took pictures using film loaded cameras. Nowadays, this thing is as good as gone. Even one of the most famous brand that produced photographic film, Kodak has ceased this film business in 2012. I remembered bringing 14 rolls of Kodak film on my first trip to Europe, and I developed almost 150pcs of photo, but now, even if I take 600~800 pictures, hardly one was developed.

If you are someone who thinks showing pictures in Facebook or Pinterest is cool, it is actually more cool if you have them in hardcopy. Moreover, if you made it into a photobook with stories to share around, your audience will see it with oohs and wahhs. I found a photobook maker by the name of Pixajoy that I'm quite interested in, and they are a Malaysian-based company.

There are some features that interest me, such as selection of design templates for a semi-DIY experience, and different choices of paper, cover and sizes that suits own budget and preference. We might have different types of request for different kinds of memory that we want to preserve, and this gives us a chance to control what is wanted and at what budget that we are comfortable with. For those who needs to work away from home and kids, you can even make a photo calender and have your family pictures in them so that you can flip and see them everyday.

I think the prices are quite reasonable if you consider the memories it will bring back when you have them on your hands. No matter if it's a kids growing up, wedding ceremony or family gathering pictures, having it done professionally makes you feeling more appreciative and proud.

You can check out the banner on the right for more details. I will give it a try after sorting out the thousands of stored pictures in my laptop. It is wise to make a hardcopy before they are gone, unintentionally..