Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Touchdown in Paris

Time: 10:00pm

Travel date: 15 October 2008
Was only a short 4 hours journey from Doha, and touched down at Paris Charles de Gaulle at 1.30pm. First checkpoint is after the entrance to airport, merely checking on passport. Then further to the front, another checkpoint to stamp passport. Noticed we're the few oriental Asians in the line.

The most interesting feature of CDG is the long, but bouncy travellator from checkpoint to baggage claim counter. It felt like going through a tunnel, and it could be an underground passageway linking 2 terminals. Baggage claim was a slow thing, and there are only 2 lines running. Was a bit frightened because the screen showed all bags have been released but mine was not to be seen.

After getting the bag, the next important thing we did was to hide money in body pouch hanged around the neck (resting on the chest). With so many warnings on pickpocketing danger, this should be the correct thing to do though it's a bit troublesome. It made the T-shirt bulky on the front, so hid it by wearing a jacket.

Then, its off to Paris city centre by RER commuter train and metro. First, have to move out of T1 to T2 by aerotrain. From T2 to Gare du Nord (city centre), the ticket cost E8.40. We also got the T-10 tickets, valid for 10 rides of public transport for E11.40, averaging E1.14. Better option than individual ticket that cost E1.60.

GDN is one of the main station interfacing commuter train, metro and bus, serving the northern side. We changed from RER line B (blue) to metro line 8 (yellow). The same ticket was usable after exiting RER. Noticed that Paris has many different nationalities, other than Caucasians. Got 'help' when we were switching lines, but chose to ignore. Don't believe the help was genuine.

Our target station was Ledru Rollin in line 5 (purple). Before that, we had to switch line at Bastille, a station that is strategic but made everyone walk far to switch line. After 1 hour journey from CDG, we reached our destination; AIJ hostel (Auberge Internationale des Jeunes) located 10 min walk from LR metro.

> Ledru Rollin metro

Sunday, January 18, 2009

On board to Doha

Time: 10:15pm

Back to travel story, and it happened in October 2008. It was a midnight flight from KLIA, first pit stop: Doha, Qatar. Interesting and surprising discoveries on board Qatar Airways; a multi-national crew and stewardess wearing specs. Not a good seat cause its at the center aisle. Luckily, the guy beside moved to the next seat.

Food on board was better than OK. The early breakfast snack was simple, but timing was too early, served at 5am. The toilet came with A/X eau de toilette, hand wash and foam.

> Meal on board: Curry Chicken with Rice

Upon touch down, had a first look at a Middle-East country. Indeed correct as per our impression, a place near/on a desert. Had the opportunity to walk on the tarmac, cause transit from plane to airport was by airport bus.

Doha Airport is quite lively, with duty free stalls right after check-in counters. Internet stations were few, but working ones were rare. Anyway, it was a short stopover of 1hr, so spent most of the time lepaking around and move in/out of toilet. Noticed only both of us are the Malaysians left to continue on the journey. Next stop; Paris.

> Wonderful engineering: Airport on desert

> Beautiful skyline: Doha City

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wonder book

Time: 10.15pm

Continue from previous post on my travel. This time want to introduce my guide book. Since there was limited backpack area and check-in weight into plane, I could not be bringing along with me 3 thick Rough Guides. This was why I need a handy guide; cheap, informative, compact and light. The book was made of 2 free notepads, bound using wire strip, and the info printed from internet. Other infos, handwritten. But my initial investment; 2 new Rough Guides (France and Italy ~RM80). Rough Guides are still important for me to plan where to go and how to go to where I want to go. Free peeks at the book below.

> Guide book cover

> Timetable

> Maps

> Language guide

Monday, January 12, 2009

Travel bug in blood

Time 3:20pm

Have made a self-planned and self-guided trip to Europe recently. Reason is to look at the world and to see how people live and spend life at the other side of the world. Can't get the feel by just reading from books or net, or watching tv. Luckily, with tons of info from internet, this is made possible with self belief and disciplined research. Take a look at my guide book.

Plan began in Gemini month, and booking started in Cancer month. Shortlisted France, Spain and Italy for this Euro league. Considering my worthiness and attractiveness index, ended up with Paris, Barcelona, Venice and Rome on the list. Paris was for Eiffel, Barcelona for Gaudi, Venice for canal and Rome for capucchino and tiramisu.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Time 10.30pm.

This is the beginning of my story telling days. Used to write a lot of syok sendiri stories, but have toned down tremendously these few years. All because of work. Last time, much of the time was spent on writing thesis. That's why typing has become quicker now and getting fast at it too.

Start to syok sendiri again by writing stories of things happening around and interesting stuff to share. Also, one factor for this feeling to come back is due to the invitation from deusnoel. He's the first close fren blogger. Hope more will spend some spare time to finger stories for us to learn about you.

This is also opportunity for me to tell close frens how and where I have explored.