Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stories That I Agree With : 30 Nov 2011

This is one of the rare moments and it usually appears rarely. In fact, I have some respect for this Deputy Education Minister who speaks what the minorities think. At least he isn't like those other people who speaks for themselves but expect others to accept what they have said.

I think what he suggested can surely bring some positive impact to the support for the Government, but things won't change so drastically. This is only a small item and they are much bigger problem that the Government needs to solve before people start to swing their support back to them.

Stories That I Don't Agree With : 29 Nov 2011

It's the time of the year, and more so this year, we will hear lots and lots of these stories uttered by our politicians to their own people. As I belong to the "other" people, I will always disagree with their claim, sob stories or slogan. 2 of the stories that I disagree with came out yesterday; the first by this Information chief and the second from our DPM.

It was good feeling for the person who said it, but definitely tasteless for those "other" people who were reading. The thing that came to my mind was, why are there so many literate people in this country still believe what these politicians said. It was as if the people who chose to believe it really thought that it will come true.