Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stockholm Beauty

Some sharing of the beautiful Stockholm cityscape during the winter and what makes Swedish design so good to own. Hope there's another chance to go back there next year.

> Stockholm city view from top of the bridge at Slussen

> Reputed to be the most interesting shopping centre: NK

> Creatively decorated metro stations at Hornstull

Morby Centrum


> Swedish design products

> 7-Eleven

> The shop that we missed: Nordiska Galleriet

> Made in Stockholm product: Absolut Vodka

Felt Sad For Japan

Before the big magnitude 9.0 earthquake happened in Japan on 11 March, there was a quite big one that occurred on 9 March that scaled at magnitude 7.2. Considering all the events that turned up from 9 March till today (17 days time), this ranked as the worse event of the year.

Normally, we only heard about earthquake, and at most with tsunami coming in after that. But this time in Japan, particularly Sendai and Fukushima area, they had 2 big earthquakes, followed by tsunami, knocked-out nuclear plant, radioactive exposure, regulated electricity supply, limited clean food and water supply, and cold weather. Translated into human form, it means getting cold, fever, cough, measles, sore throat, back ache, and stomach ache one after another. Until today, the fear on radioactive exposure is still present and no one can answer when the problem will be solved.

My wife was one of them who got to experience the earthquake, though not during the first tremor. She had seen how cars can swerve on the road, how chaotic the traffic was after the earthquake, how inconvenient not to have phone to use, how scary to feel 16 times of tremor at 8th floor of the hostel, and how discipline, organized and calm the Japanese responded and reacted after the earthquake.

She was considered lucky because when the main tremor started, she was far away on the south western side of Tokyo. She and her group of colleagues reached the hostel in Tokyo safely and managed to miss the heavy traffic jam and road blocks that happened soon after. They eventually got out of Tokyo via Narita airport after stranded for 2 days. After she got back, more bad news about the explosion and nuclear radiation leakage came out and affecting the livelihood of the Japanese. It was also fortunate that her overseas course was planned for 2 weeks, and the disasters happened on the last few days. Imagine if they had another week to complete the course, and all they can do is to stay indoor with limited electricity, risk of another earthquake, further exposure to the radiation and potentially dangerous food supply.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's 1Joke : 23 March 2011

This was the news of the day yesterday, and another that involved DS Anwar Ibrahim. I just do not understand the Malaysian law because no action is or will be taken to someone or a group of people who played porno video clips to the general public, for confessing of having possession of porno video clips, and openly said they are involved in filming someone in private (or voyeuring).

It seems like politics is above everything because people are allowed to do such things when you are on the "right" side. Remember Gary Ng, who was caught and put behind the bars for filming his own "adventures" and possessing porno video clips, and the HK guy who was caught for releasing Edison Chen's photos.

Kita memang Boleh!